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Providing Innovative & Life-Saving Product Solutions

EMIT Technologies strives to provide innovative and life-saving product solutions. Products include security scanning devices and diagnostic devices that do not sacrifice human dignity for safety. We believe that the public should not have to sacrifice their modesty, individualism, or privacy to ensure their safety.

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3623 6th Ave South

Seattle, WA 98134

email: info@emittech.com

Welcome to EMIT Technologies

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, we have a longstanding history of solving complex engineering problems with our innovative microwave technology platform.

This proprietary microwave technology platform, Electro-Magnetic Impedance Translation (EMIT) forms the core science of our technology platform that provides innovative solutions in such diverse markets as security, medical, telecommunications, industrial, and biometrics. Security concerned airport travelers, women with breast cancer, quality driven telecommunications companies -- even the military will be beneficiaries of our advanced technologies and unique product applications. Currently, our greatest focus is on providing security solutions to meet the urgent global demand.


EMIT Products

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Our products are based on a specialized microwave technology which emits less radiation than the competition.


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News Report: Local company says its technology could have found terrorists bomb.